Information and Catalogs Sites

Distant Horizons

Bradfield Design

We developed these web sites using the customers artwork and optimized it for web delivery.

Magma Products

This site was developed using the customers catalog artwork and optimized it for web delivery.

Business Park Portal

A portal provides category or localized information and support for special groups.

Manufacturing Process

Sample of a manufacturing process that needed to be illustrated.

E-Commerce Sites

Jazz Fashions

This site uses Flash, sound and integrated shopping cart with order processing.  The customer provided photos which were optimized it for web delivery.

Long Beach Photos

Hat Bag and Luggage

This site uses a data base for content and the pages are produced as the customers selects areas to shop in. It is integrated with a shopping cart to process orders. 

CD Product Catalogs

JWC Environmental

Tech Antenna


Wilshire Conferences